Crane Accident Attorney

Who needs a Crane Accident Attorney ?

You would be surprised to know there are crane accidents every day through out the world, and they are not even all in the BIG CITIES like one migh assume.

Of course the Big Cities like NEW YORK that has more high-rises than many towns in America, have their share of crane accidents but the small towns have their fair share too.

Here are several examples of Crane Accidents toping the news:

  • Crane Brings down boom in Columbus OH. (10/25)
  • Shipyard Crane Collapses in Costal Shipyard (10/20)
  • Crane Boom Collapses in Atlanta Georgia (10/16)
  • Man Dies in Crane Accident (10/13)

There reports are in just under 2 weeks in the US alone. Combine accidents world wide and they become almost daily occurrences.


OSHA and other governing bodies regulate safety in the US, but fatal accidents are still very real!

Wrongful death by Crane Accident

Because many crane operators are apart of the Union and or are part of a trade that is very risky the income of these operators are typically very high. In-fact they are amount some of the best paid Union Paid employees. Because of the LOSS OF INCOME and lawsuits in these cases are very high. Making Crane Accidents very lucrative for Attorneys. NEW ATTORNEYS tend to chase them, but just like everything else in life “BUYER BEWARE” when it comes to picking Crane Accident Attorney s. This is a very specialized suit, and you will want a professional who has experience in this field as the people you are going agains are VERY WELL funded and will have the best-of-the-best representing their interests.

Crane Accident Attorneys Near me

Just because an attorney is near you, with this type of need you may want to find the attorney with the most experience fighting the BIG COMPANIES.


How to find a Crane accident attorney

  1. Ask your Union
  2. Ask references and other attorneys
  3. Ask for referrals
  4. Check with related suits or suits filed against same operator