In any business your credibility, or more plainly your reputation, is what can keep you successful. Whether a solo lawyer just starting out with his or her own practice, to a seasoned veteran of the courtroom, nothing is more important than their credibility. Credibility leads to more referrals as clients share your information with people they trust because they have seen, and witnessed how you work, and the results you get. It is easy to maintain the credibility you will gain from working hard, and being diligent with your clients, and here is how:

Be Yourself

While it may sound like a childish thought, that being yourself will magically make people like you, it is actually much deeper than that. Clients have a sense for when you are putting on too much of a front, whether it be pretending to have no weaknesses, or perhaps faking experience in a certain matter. Almost always it can end up back firing and making you look like you are either an untrustworthy individual or that you have no idea what you are talking about. Both these options are image killers, and if a client thinks you are deceiving them, they will swiftly leave and take their business elsewhere. Be sure to never encounter this problem by staying who you are and being willing to admit your shortcomings, as well as when you don’t know something.

Work Speaks

Your work will speak for itself, and can either affirm your credibility or show flaws that weren’t readily apparent when your client first interacted with you. Clients will simply not recommend you if your credibility is in question because of your work ethic. Your work shows what kind of success you will experience. Your work can only be improved when you go the extra mile and study the subject matter in depth, everything from case details, to relevant laws, to statistics involved in your case. By demonstrating this knowledge your client will see just how much thought and effort you have placed in their case and will be far more trusting.

Great Service

If you are a pain in the butt to work with you have no option but to always win every case you come in contact with, and even then you may still lose clients. The easiest way to build a client base as well as credibility is to focus on being a great asset personality wise as well as knowledge wise. If you are kind, and eager to help a client will enjoy working with you and will recommend you a lot more then if you are a blank slate with nothing but figures and information. The same goes if you are overly critical or unpleasant to deal with.


   As you can imagine there are many more ways to be able to establish and maintain your credibility. Can you think of one way that we missed? Let us know down in the comments section so we can all make each other better!