Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce attorneys are those that deal with issues such as divorce and annulment. Many times, these attorneys are involved in family law and deal with other issues pertaining to adoption and wills. Usually, these attorneys have expertise in any case that pertains to the family. Couples that are married but separated are advised to hire a divorce attorney in the event of ending their marriage. Sometimes, certain events that have occurred in the marriage are enough to consider the marriage null and void which usually results in an annulment. (The most well-known element for annulments involves the lack of consummation or mental instability at the time the vows were exchanged. These cases are rare.) In most cases, couples have to undergo a divorce. It’s time to find a divorce attorney if you and your spouse have decided to end the union of marriage.

Divorce Attorneys who specialize in couples with Children

If there are children involved between the two of you, then the children’s well-being has to be considered and dealt with legally. While some couples agree to divorce peacefully, other couples are dealing with major issues that are sometimes detrimental to the quality of life for the children. An attorney will help a couple to decide on child support, custody and visitation issues. It should be noted that ugly divorces involving children and large assets such as houses or vehicles sometimes end up in the courtroom. Custody battles are the most probable cause for either party to have to testify in court.) Usually, most divorce attorneys are found through word of mouth. Sadly, with the many divorces that occur in today’s society, everyone knows someone that has gone through a divorce and can recommend a good divorce attorney. For the rare occasion that someone doesn’t have any knowledge of a good divorce attorney by word of mouth, online research or the Yellow Pages is the place to find several divorce attorneys. Make an appointment with a few divorce attorneys to decide on which one you feel the most confident about. This is especially important if you have a particularly challenging situation with your estranged spouse. You want to choose someone who will best represent your case and bring about the divorce proceedings with as little hassle as possible. The divorce attorney will ask you about your situation. After determining the details of the situation, he will advise you on the best way to approach the divorce.

Divorce Attorney specializing in custody proceedings

If you have children, he will also advise you on the best way to handle the custody proceedings. Otherwise, he will ask you if the two of you have divided up the belongings and property and have agreed upon it or if there is anything that needs to be fought over. While some divorces are delivered rather easily, some of them can become a messy ordeal when one spouse is fighting for something that belongs to the other. Overall, you can expect the divorce fees, counsel on how to approach the separation of belongings, custody decisions and child support decisions. If you’re seeking a divorce and have no children involved, an easy process can be expected if your spouse is in agreement with you and there is no fight for anything. No two cases are alike, however, and according to your situation, you can expect your attorney to guide you along the way.