How to Recover

How to Recover

There will always be times when things just do not work out the way you had planned, and may even seem to be going the exact opposite of the way you intended things to go. Whether it be a legal maneuver you didn’t see coming from the opposing counsel, a refusal from the judge on a subject that was vital to your case, or finding out your client withheld important information from you. Each of these can prove devastating, if and only if you allow them to be. The important part is knowing how to recover.

Anything can be handled and if not totally averted then at least steered more to your side as long as you are willing to keep your wits about you and not let the momentary defeat stop you from excelling in every following situation. You may notice that there is nothing particularly special about this list as it applies to the legal system, however no matter the situation these tips to handling a crisis will inevitably help you to regain your footing and to put you back into the fight rather then on the mat.


The most important step to ensuring that you handle a situation properly is making doubly sure that you remain calm and focused, or as some people refer to it centered. This starts by taking a deep breath and stepping out of the situation to consider all the options before reacting. Most mistakes are made with haste and the more time you give yourself to examine the situation and plan how you will resurface.


Once you have stepped out of the situation and allowed your emotions to subside its now time to return with a logical outlook. If you find that is not as easy as it sounds there are a number of techniques you can use to disassociate yourself with the problem, for instance you can speak with an unaffiliated third party who will be able to provide you with a clear outside opinion. Focus on what has potentially gone “wrong” and how you can rectify the occurrence. Often times in the moment we are not aware of the entire situation, as we haven’t looked at all the facts with this new information, this is one of the reasons why evaluating can allow you to find a new chink in the defenses armor, or a way to turn the new information into your own weapon.